Welcome to the exciting website of onlineroulettestar.com. I am glad that you have chosen to spend your time at my webpage and I hope after looking at what the site offers, you will soon become a long-term member of this delightful community dedicated to all gamblers.

Without further ado, let me introduce myself.

My Background

First things first, my name is Emily McCartney, and I was born in the spectacular and historically stepped city of Albuquerque in New Mexico. I am married to the equally fantastic Mike, and together we both continue to reside in our hometown of Albuquerque, believing there is nowhere on earth quite like it.

Like most married couples, Mike and I share a few things in common, yet our biggest passion must be gambling! From local to national casinos and those online, our idea of a holiday heaven is visiting good old Las Vegas to nourish our gambling pastime.

Though we began leaning the process and rules of gambling just a few years into our married life, we were more used to physically visiting casinos for all our thrills. However, in recent years we were introduced to online casinos, and within a short space of time, we were hooked!

The Inspiration Behind onlineroulettestar.com

Both Mike and I were critical of online gambling initially. Neither one of us believed that we could derive the same thrill from playing online as to what we could when playing for real in an actual casino. How wrong we were!

What started out as a try it to see what all the fuss was about soon lead to yet another gambling avenue to explore. Within hours of logging onto our first online casino, we were hooked and understood completely what the fascination was all about.

Hence, onlineroulettestar.com was born when I began blogging about our experiences of both online gambling and land-based casinos, and I soon found myself gaining a large following of people who were desperate to find somebody to share their own experiences with.

What began as a small blog as a way of connecting and understanding more myself about online casinos, became in no time at all, a place where people were flocking to ask further questions about the process of gambling alongside requesting tips and guidance to further their own gameplay.

In short, I had the expertise that people wanted to access, and I had the platform to offer this advice. It was then apparent to both Mike and me that the next step was for me to extend my services further afield and create onlineroulettestar.com for a broader gaming community.

The Objective of This Website

I want this website to be a community of like-minded players who want to have fun with the online gambling world but would also like to access further help, guidance, and information regarding all things online casino based. This is the site where you can come to meet up with players at a similar level or players with more experience than you that are willing to share, or maybe you are an entirely new player to the game and are looking for a friendly voice in the crowd.

The world of online gambling is vast, with so many online casinos appearing on a regular basis. It is at times challenging when trying to find the right casino for your individual circumstances. That’s why with the help on onlineroulettestar.com, I hope to be able to offer you the proper guidance through articles, reviews, and updated content, to ensure you get the maximum benefits from this exciting and thrilling world of online gambling.

Take some time to look through the website and consider getting involved to lend your expertise. The online gaming community should be a fun place where players of all levels can work together to build lasting relationships. Let’s make this that place to be.