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Contributing A Blog Post to The Website

This website has an area dedicated to posting all visitor blog contributions. I was determined at the very beginning of the creation of this site that I would create a space whereby the broader community could get involved, and how better than submitting your own thoughts, experience, and expertise in the shape of an article?

Look through the website and get a feel for the overall message that I am trying to promote through and then let your creative inspiration guide you as you write your own piece for the blog.

Requesting My Services

Having amassed many years in the online gambling industry, I am well placed to offer my services to those who may need a more streamlined consultation. If there is a specific area of gambling that you would like a more dedicated service on, or maybe you would want me to work with you on a project, I would be more than willing to discuss this in more detail with you.

Becoming a Sponsor of The Website

You may have noticed as you look around the website, that some of my published articles contain links or perhaps you have spotted the numerous banners dotted around the site on your visit. This is obtained by becoming a sponsor of the website, which gives you instant access to a variety of benefits such as this, ultimately allowing me to work on further adding concise content for all visitors. If this sounds of interest to you, you can find out more in the Sponsorship section of this website.

Offering Constructive Feedback

Alternatively, if you have a simple suggestion or solution as to how the website could be better improved, then get in touch with me to tell me your thoughts. is a community, first and foremost. The only way that a society can thrive is if we all work together and listen to what the other needs. If you think you could help me improve on anything you see on the website, message me your constructive feedback and I’ll give it some thought.

For any of the above or anything else you would like to discuss with me on the website, you can use my direct email address or fill in the contact form below. I look forward to connecting with you.