When you tell someone that you have a passion for gambling, you are often greeted with dubious looks. The negativity that is associated with gambling seems to have made its way into current society, and it is automatically associated with addiction, losses and pure recklessness. Luckily, for those who know how to have fun and play safely, and believe me there is an abundance of such people, we know that gambling can be a thrill which you just can’t get from any other game or hobby.

Changing Perceptions of The Gambling World

In all honesty, most people who take a more negative stance on the gambling community usually do not really have any experience in the industry. Yet, if you turn and speak to somebody who is a regular to gambling, they will also profess their love for this activity. Furthermore, there must be some truth to this way of life being a thrilling avenue when you consider the surge of new online casinos that appear on our screens each month. With this market one of the more progressive of the entertainment industry, that means there must be many more people like Mike and myself who love to gamble and take real pleasure in doing so.

Our Love of Gambling

As you are aware if you’ve read through this website, Mike and I are gambling nerds! There isn’t anything we don’t know about the industry, and there is never a casino that opens without our knowing about it – be it an actual building or an online casino. So, what exactly is it that attracts us to this way of life?

Fun: First and foremost, it is fun. Why else would we choose to spend most of our spare time and indeed vacations travelling to those places with the best casinos, if we didn’t enjoy it? For some people, it’s shopping or painting or hiking, for us it is purely gambling!

Thrill: That thrill of the unknown is hard to explain, but when it happens, there’s no feeling on earth quite like it – or at least any that we are yet to experience! Whether it is the roll of the dice, the spin of the wheel, the nudge of the button – you never quite know how the chips are going to fall and that, for many, is where the thrill lies.

Money: I would be lying to both myself and the reader if I said that we weren’t attracted by the money! Of course, you must have a love of winning if you want to make the most out of gambling. Though we don’t play recklessly, we have a budget of what we can utilize, which is our spare cash and we keep to it. Some days are good, some days aren’t as good, but we see it as money spent on entertainment that makes us happy each time. There have been times when we have won big, but we have also encountered a few loses in our time. We cannot however complain.

Prizes: While some people may think that you can only win money from gambling, I can assure you that there are other treasures to be had in the winning stakes. So far, we have won a holiday, a refrigerator, a TV, a BBQ, a coffee maker, many vouchers and a couple of hampers! I don’t believe that many of us hardcore gamblers set out with the intentions of playing to win a fridge freezer, but when we do get selected for these prizes, it feels like a huge bonus and lifts the spirits!

Social Aspect: Whether you are out and about meeting people in the physical casinos and making new friends who are similarly interested or whether you are talking in the chat rooms with players behind their own screens, gambling can be as social as you make it. Both Mike and I have had the absolute pleasure of making, dare I say it, hundreds of friends through our gambling journey and each time it is a total honour to work with and learn from those who have a similar outlook to the industry.

Adult Fun: What some people fail to understand about having a love of gambling is that it is an adult’s game. Nobody under the legal age limit can enter a casino nor bet online. Therefore, there is no need to cater to those too young to understand – it is purely adult entertainment. Mike and myself are not children, and we don’t want to be treated like so when we gamble. Adults should be allowed to have fun in a safe environment without having to explain their choices. Gambling is the one area of adulthood where many of us, especially those that are parents, can genuinely enter the grown-up world!

Entering the Online World of Gambling

Perhaps out of all the change Mike and I have witnessed over our many years of gambling has been that of the online gambling industry. This has become yet another exciting avenue which has just increased our love of gambling because we can now access online casinos and take up our favourite games, wherever we happen to be.

I love being able to log on at any time and play whatever game I choose, and Mike enjoys the freedom of playing mobile whenever we head out and have free time. This love of the online casino industry has even extended to our love of technology as we find ourselves regularly upgrading our tabs, phones, pcs and software to take account of the latest updates as and when they happen.

Ultimately, it is our love of gambling that has brought us to the world of blogging, and it is here that I feel we have the icing on the cake, so to speak! By following our passion and our love for all things gambling related we have found our calling. We have also discovered yet another community who we now hope to be able to give something back to in the way of guidance as we share our history, experience and knowledge with others.