Have You Discovered the Exciting Game of Keno?

Being a part of the gambling industry is always exciting when a new game makes its way into the casino world. It is, however, much more exciting when an old game comes to the attention of the more general gaming public and begins to receive the honor that it so thoroughly deserves. Currently, this type of game doing the rounds and trending now is the game of Keno.

For those who have never heard of Keno, it is basically a game of Bingo with a difference. Believed to have been first played an impressive 3,000 years ago, Keno can trace its origins back to both French and Latin roots. However, for many of its fans, it has tended to remain a more obscure and selective game. That is until recent years in which more and more of the more prominent online casinos have picked up on current player requests to see the game being offered online at their favorite casinos. As a result of this, we are beginning to see it appear on many an online casino in their bingo sections.

What is The Premise of Keno?

In a similar nature to good old-fashioned bingo, Keno involves a player choosing their preferred numbers from 1 to 80 and then waiting to see if those numbers are drawn. Then 20 numbers will be drawn at random. Each casino will have their own rules and regulations as to the payout tables but mainly to be able to take the winnings, players must match a specific amount of numbers drawn to that on their corresponding Keno card.

If it were to be described by fans, they would say it is a mixture of not only bingo but with a hint of the lottery, poker and in some ways even roulette mixed in with it!

An easy game to learn, Keno is perhaps best suited to those who are looking for a way into the gambling world, particularly that of the online casinos but aren’t too sure of their skills or stamina. As Keno doesn’t require a strategy of any kind in its gameplay, it is considered one of the more realistic games for the beginner or amateur.

Starting Out with Keno

It is a good idea to search online for those online casinos that offer free Keno games which will allow you to get a feel for the gameplay before deciding on whether it is for you or not. Alternatively, if you are currently registered with an online casino look to see if they offer the game. Though it is not as widespread regarding popularity just yet, the game of Keno is indeed gaining in popularity within the online gambling community, and it can only be a matter of time before we see a popularity surge on all online casinos!

Online Casinos Currently Offering Keno

By researching the online casino market, I have come across several of the bigger and more popular of casinos that are currently promoting the gameplay of Keno on their site. Now, these are just a few who I’ve tested myself, with one or two of them even offering their own variation on the classic:

  • Unibet
  • Cherry Casino
  • Rizk
  • Leovegas
  • Green
  • Kroon
  • Casumo
  • Oranje
  • Betsson

Some of these casinos will obviously have a better standard of Keno game types and payouts than others, but this is merely due to the popularity of the players on that site.

Currently, the online casino offering the most extensive type of Keno game play is Unibet. With the biggest of individual Keno game type presently available, they seem to be trending with their offerings:

  • Keno
  • Keno TNT
  • Keno Blast
  • Disco Keno
  • Keno Alchemy
  • Diamond Deal
  • Flying Pigs
  • Bugs Party
  • Boss The Lotto

What to Look Out for With Your Keno Online Casino Choice

If by reading this you are interested in finding out more about the game, the best tips I can give are to:

  1. Attempt your own online search as to which casinos offer Keno at this present time. Though I have provided a list of my own above as research, I know that there will be more to add to this as the time goes on. It may just be a case of a more detailed search process is needed to locate them.
  2. Speak to the players on the forums who have experience of the game and ask them for their advice on the best places to play Keno. This is often how the popularity of any game is started!
  3. Take a free game trial of Keno on any of the sites and see for yourself how the game differs from the usual bingo and lottery games that you play, so you can make up your own mind
  4. Enquire as to whether your favorite online casino offers the game. Keno is not always immediately visible when you first log on to many online casinos, and you often need to search for it. However, maybe you hadn’t realized that your favorite offered it before now.
  5. Consider getting in touch with your registered online casino to inquire about the possibilities of getting the game put onto the website. With so many online casinos having an in-house team of game designers, they often like to work on what the customer wants to see on the site. You never know, you may not be the first to have asked about the possibilities of Keno and if enough people make the request, the more the chances are of the game making its way to the playlist!